Raw food diets are considered healthy and cleansing for the body. According to the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, the digestive system works by warming up the food that is ingested by the stomach in order to convert it into energy and blood production.

The Chinese Medical system refers to the Digestive fire whilst the Ayurvedic Medicine use the term Agni. When raw foods are ingested, the body utilises its internal energy to warm the food up in order to digest optimally. Generally, cooked foods require less of the body’s energy to be processed.

If too much raw or uncooked food is consumed, it can place a strain on those with sensitive digestive systems and can weaken it. For those people, as well as in the winter months, the ancient wisdom it to eat more cooked food – this aids better digestion and saves the body from having to use it’s own energy, to heat the food up. Our internal energy can be used to warm our body up, rather than our food.

Therefore in winter months consume more cooked food and drinks, whilst in the summer eat more raw food.

Furthermore, according to dietary therapy, specific foods should be consumed depending on an individual’s constitution, body temperature and if any disease state has arisen. The Chinese and Indian medical systems regard Food as Medicine, with a balanced diet being essential to maintain the optimal functioning of our bodies.

Yours in health,

Dr Andre Sorger

Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture