Fill your body with liquid sunshine!

1 Day Cleanse Only R325.00!

If you’re new to cleansing, this is the perfect way to start! A nurturing and healing daily dose of juice, nut mylks and cleansing drinks. Each drink is created to replace solid food and snacks.

Day cleanse R975.00: This is the perfect cleanse for the newbie, and also great for those with more experience who have shorter time to cleanse.

Day cleanse R1625.00: You like a challenge and you’re not a newbie! A more intense, deeper, whole-body detox. Cleanses the liver, blood, kidney, lungs and lymph.

Includes an immune booster, cold pressed juices + activated almond mylk

 Upon waking up in the morning:

Take an immune booster followed by 500mls of water

  1. Pine Punch
    Pineapple, cucumber, green apple, ginger

    Vit C, Hydrating, Anti-inflammatory, Heart health
  2. Kale Kleanse
    Green apple, lemon, ginger, parsley, kale, spinach
    Powerful detoxifier, Immunity booster, Alkalising, High in vitamins + calcium
  3. Black Magic
    Activated Charcoal, apple, lemon, alkaline water
    Digestive cleanse, Anti-aging, Skin health, Detox, Lowers cholesterol
  4. Ginger Ninja
    Ginger, carrot, cucumber, orange, green apple, pineapple, lemon
    Digestive soother, Immunity booster, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory
  5. Beet Boxer
    Beetroot, aloe vera, cucumber, green apple, mint
    Powerful detoxifier, Lowers blood pressure, Digestive soother, Alkalising
  6. Golden Mylk (May warm up to 40 degrees if desired)
    Raw organic activated nut mylk, turmeric, cinnamon, dates, coconut oil, black pepper
    Anti depressant, Longevity, Antioxidant, Heart Health, Anti-inflammatory

Ginger, lemon, turmeric, cayenne pepper